From a simple point Source system to full on line array system, we will Design, Setup, Engineer and Record your event for less than it would cost to rent a system anywhere else, that is our guarantee. We are able to do this because of our experience with workflow designs that has been developed over the last 35 years. We use systems such as JBL VRX 932 Line array, JBL SRX monitors, JBL SRX  Subwoofers, Lab Gruppen fp 10,000 watt amps, and DSP Midas Preamp Mixing.

Multitrack Recording and Mastering

We believe that the best way event planners and promoters can grow business is to show off their work, and by doing so they will keep hiring us. We provide multitrack recordings and mastering.

Our Systems

JBL VRX 932  Line array 2/4/6, each side  12 total

EV / AUDIO SENSE  12 inch high power monitors

JBL SRX  subwoofers  2/4/6 each side 12 total

lab Gruppen fp 10,000 watt amps, 40,000 watts total

Midas  mixing  in 16×6  and 32×16 configurations on stage and FOH

Typical Livewires front of house configs below